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Sketch Seminar
Speaker: NOE Mielotar
Speaker: NOE Mielotar
term Apr. 29 Sun. to 30 Mon.
expenses 2,000 yen
Capacity people


Bird Watching Seminar
Leader: Akito Suzuki
Leader: Akito Suzuki
term MAY 11 Fri. to 13 Sun.
expenses 25,000 yen
Capacity 30 people
Karuizawa is considered one of Japan's best bird watching areas, with over 50 varieties of birds. Come enjoy God's beautiful creation and praise Him for it.30フセ2ヌ」カソゥノユ。シ25,000ア゚


Try It with Yuri Mori
Leaders:  Yuri Mori , Maimi Aoki
Leaders: Yuri Mori , Maimi Aoki
term May. 15 Tue. to 17 Thu.
expenses 30,000 yen
Capacity 50 people
Bible and praise, inspration and great music. Includes public concert. 50フセ2ヌ6ソゥノユ。シ30,000ア゚


Pastor's Wives Seminar
Speaker: Mizue Uchida
Speaker: Mizue Uchida
term JUN 4 Mon. to 5 Tue.
expenses 15,000 yen
Capacity 15 people
Pastor's wives are often tired and need a refreshing retreat designed just for them. Messges reflect on the life of faith as seen in Hebrews 12:1,2. 15フセ1ヌ3ソゥノユ。シ15,000ア゚


Shinkaiyaku Bible 2017
Speaker: Kazuhiko Uchida
Speaker: Kazuhiko Uchida
term Jun. 17 Sun. to 19 Tue.
expenses 30,000 yen
Capacity 30 people

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