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Guest Room Information

Inquiries&Reservations: Tel.0267-42-2302 Fax.0267-42-4113
Check In P.M.3:00 / Check Out A.M.10:00
* Prices listed below are for 1 overnight per person with evening meal and next day breakfast.
<Prices as of April 1, 2015 Tax not included>
Building Room & Capacity Amenities Off Peak Season Rates Peak Season Rates(7/20-8/31, 12/30-1/3)
Building #1: 10 Rooms 10 person capacity Bunk Beds, Toilet, Shower Adult 6,550 yen 7,050 yen
Elementary School Children 5,550 yen 6,050 yen
Age 2 through kindergarten 3,940 yen 4,440 yen
Building #2: 11 Regular type rooms, 1 Handicapped accessible room, Each room has capacity of 2 people twin bed, Toilet, Shower, bath towel, face towel
For the handicapped accessible room please inquire by phone
Adult 7,550 yen 8,050 yen
Elementary School Children 6,550 yen 7,050 yen
Age 2 through kindergarten 4,940 yen 5,440 yen
Building #3: 12 rooms, 3 to 8 person capacity Tatami room, Shared toilet Adult 6,150 yen 6,650 yen
Elementary School Children 5,150 yen 5,650 yen
Age 2 through kindergarten 3,540 yen 4,040 yen
Building #5: 18 rooms, 4 person capacity Tatami room, with toilet & sink Adult 7,050 yen 7,550 yen
Elementary School Children 6,050 yen 6,550 yen
Age 2 through kindergarten 4,440 yen 4,940 yen
  • Children 2 years old and under are no charge.
  • Rooms at less than capacity will be charged the following;
    • Building #1:5 people or less in a room, each person pays an additional1,100 yen
    • Building #2:1 person in a room, an additional1,100 yen
    • Building #5:2 people or less in a room, each person pays an additional1,100 yen
      (Note)At busy seasons, sometimes reservations for less than the minimum number of people in a room cannot be accepted.
  • Lunch is provided only for groups, Rates are listed below.
    Adults&Elementary School Children:1,100 yen/Age 2 through kindergarten:945 yen
  • Please bring your own sleepwear, toiletries, towel & hair dryer.
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